Zero Co: A Waste-free Way to Clean Your Home

Home cleaning without single-use plastic? - It is possible!

6/9/20214 min read

Zero Co is an up and coming company taking social media by storm. With more and more people caring about using natural and waste-free options around their home, this is certainly a company to watch.

Obviously there is a heavy amount of waste being created from the business industries. With the beauty industry being the highest repeat offender each year. Contributing 120 billion units, most non-recyclable in 2021. You think that’s bad, humans are producing 380 million tons of plastic EVERY YEAR. Half of that is single use plastic, used once, then tossed away. This happens with most cleaning products. Obviously we need to keep our homes clean, but at what cost to the environment? With pandemics and immune systems not being as strong as they were before the last 2 years, people have increased the amount of sanitation of themselves and their homes. We are currently having major issues in (and have been for awhile) our oceans and landfills. This includes cleaning products, PPE, and single-use plastics from the pandemic.

ocean pollutionocean pollution

So how do we combat this?

We need to support businesses that want to stop the cycle of “one-off” plastics. With companies like Zero co realising this is quickly and steadily what consumers are becoming more aware of, and wanting to live a more Waste-free lifestyle. In 2022 it’s never been an easier time to jump on the bandwagon, with a little research and small switches. There’s a lot of companies still “greenwashing”, promoting promises of sustainability but, really are causing more damage than good. Zero co are not one of them. They’ve created a system that breaks the circuit of how we buy our cleaning products.

So how does it work?

Step 1: You purchase a starter kit with a set of “Forever bottles” made from landfill, ocean and beach waste. Also refill pouches made from recycled plastic and a postage-paid mailer envelope! (What businesses nowadays pays for your return postage?!— Like wahht?)

Starter kit

Step 2: You fill your “forever bottles” with the matching refill pouches.

Step 3: Put the empty refill pouches into your already paid for envelope and send it back to Zero co. (So sending the refills back to them is a free process)

Step 4: When they receive the pouches, they clean (yes clean them for you), refill and reuse them. Stopping the single-use plastic cycle for all your home care products.

They keep their customers happy by taking out the stress of cleaning the pouches, paying for postage, keeping it a convenient process and taking away the guilt of contributing to more single-use plastics whilst taking care of your home.

You can learn more about their process here:

So how good is the actual cleaning product?

With a 4.7 star rating on products you can see it for yourself. With most of the issues arising with delivery during the pandemic, not the actual product itself. The “stain remover” being a winner amongst social media. My personal favourites are the laundry liquid, dishwashing liquid and tablets. The cost of the products are also surprisingly affordable for a zero-waste brand.

What products do they have?

They actually have two ranges. Home cleaning and Body Care.

Here’s a list of the home cleaning products:

1.Toilet cleaner

2.Stain remover spray

3. Shower and bathroom cleaner spray

4. Air Freshener Spray

5. Multi-purpose cleaner spray

6. Laundry liquid bottle (2L)

7. Dishwashing liquid

8. Handwash pump bottle

9. Dishwasher tablets

The Body Care range:

1.Body wash

2. Body lotion

3. Deodorant roll-on

4. Conditioner


Personally I am more invested in their home cleaning products as I am very strict on what ingredients I use on my skin. Although I am awaiting and very interested in possibly a roll-on deodorant that is aluminium-free! I feel the waste-free deodorants are all balms and my partner uses a roll-on bottle so I feel this would please him.

Overall a fabulous business that has values and programs to help our planet. That I can get onboard with any time of the week. I see big things for this business as they continue to take social media and create new products. I’m excited for what they do next.

If you’re interested in Zero co and want to see for yourself click here

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