I Flew $340 Return to Honolulu

Tips on how to get cheap flights

3/14/20193 min read

hawaii honolulu
hawaii honolulu

I flew to Honolulu for $340 return! Included booking fees, meals, 7kg carry on, entertainment there and back. To start off I’m a pretty savvy traveller. My friends all know me for finding the cheapest flights. I’m subscribed to all the emailing lists, getting the weekly updates from Jetstar. Jetstar are the cheapest airline, sometimes it feels like a steal! So when I found the flight to Honolulu for $340 return I jumped on it. I wouldn’t have done as much travelling as I have, if Jetstar didn’t have their sales! Unfortunately they only fly to certain regions. So every year I wait for their big sale. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s their birthday sale. Where they give you the offer “fly one way, get return free!”. The two years I have known about this sale, I’ve flown to Bali $220 return from Melbourne, Honolulu $340 return from Melbourne, States in Australia for as little as $60, and New Zealand (Auckland) for $159 return from Gold Coast.

Some other tips for flying cheap:

Be flexible – I’m lucky in this department as I work as a Casual. So I can pick up my stuff and jetset where I want to throughout the year. Which is why I can pick cheaper days to fly out and switch around the dates, to make it more cost efficient. Now I’m not saying for everyone to go Casual. But make your workplace, work around your trip. You work for the majority of the year and hard for that money. Saving money on changing dates saves some of that money that you’ve worked for.

Also being flexible with time – I fly out any time of the day that’s cheaper. No matter the time. It can save you hundreds!

Ditch checked baggage! If you’re going to hot weather places like Bali or Hawaii pack light! You don’t need that many heavy clothes. Wear all your cardigans and jumpers on the flight, so you have more room for light clothes in your carry on.

Pack food for the plane trip – It’s so easy just to quickly get some snacks and make some sandwiches for the flight. As long as you’re not packing anything like soup or liquidy food, you should be sweet!

Fly on Tuesdays – it is the cheapest day to fly and it has saved me so much money!

Turn off your cookies or look for flights in private browsers – some companies track your history/cookies and they raise the price, around the times and dates you are looking for flights.

Wait for deals – I know it can be hard if you’ve got to fly somewhere soon. But if you have the time to plan, why not be organised and save yourself a fortune? I book all the trips I can on the Jetstar birthday sale or "I Want The Flight" I save all the money I can and book a couple flights back home to Melbourne, a couple to New Zealand to see the boyfriend’s family, and a big trip to somewhere warm and relaxing. All that booked and I’m set for the year! Now this sale doesn’t work when you want to fly to the USA, Europe or Africa, etc. But it does most of Asia, Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand. If you’re looking to visit any of those places, I highly recommend waiting.

honolulu diamond head
honolulu diamond head