Just over here, trying to be my kindest and happiest self..

My name is Jessica, I've been on a journey since I was a teenager, learning more and more about how I can live a kinder life. Over the years I cut out palm oil, got rid of animal tested products, went vegetarian, then vegan, learnt about chemicals in the home, started buying products that were made from recyclable materials, buying from companies whose ethics I supported and didn't contribute to waste/sweatshops. I studied Nutrition - specialising in Vegan/Vegetarian. I travelled and learnt about the impact Western societies have on 3rd World countries.

But I've always gotten excited over good, reliable, innovative products. It's a true passion of mine. I want to focus on a lifestyle that’s better for people and the planet. I'm still growing and learning, and want to connect with like-minded people.

My passions: Travel, sustainability, helping others, food/nutrition, planet earth, learning, getting the most out of life, law of attraction, and creating valuable experiences in my life.

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